Essay on Why are We Obsessed with Celebrities?

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Do you ever look in the mirror, pose and say WOW! Im so Beyoncé. Or wonder what Brad Pitt would be eating for breakfast? Or ponder whether Miley Cyrus could ever afford proper clothes? Celebrities have become a central fixation in our lives that we often forget to live our own. We idolize them, follow their every move and treat them as modern day demi gods. (PAUSE) Celebrity has become synonymous with cynosure. And no cynosure doesn’t mean an attention seeking hotshot who is willing to do anything for fame. It is a person that becomes the centre of our admiration and attention due to their brilliance. Is it just me or the thesaurus has got it wrong. Our modern day obsession with celebrities raises the question between respect for sheer…show more content…
Rarely do talented individuals have the chance of being famous unless they have created a personal brand. This brand does not necessarily mean talent but the ability to swivel heads, spark gossip and create an explosion on social media. In the music industry, people normally would pay attention to the voice of the singer and the lyrics. Presenting, the number one song on US billboard hot singles 2010.Turn me up x4 yeah x4. (PAUSE) Does that stir your soul? Move you into ecstasies never before experienced? Jam Turn me up, the very first single by Kim Kardashian, sold 14, 000 copies in the first 5 days. It’s not like she was called ‘the worst singer of reality TV’ or anything. does talent matter when it comes to people as cynosure as Kardashians? NO! It’s their fame that counts. In our social media immersed world talent has become extremely subjective. Everyone who has access to YouTube can be deemed celebrity. The fair few celebrities who have become the cynosure of our existence keep us entertained by providing us the chance to become observers who live vicariously through them. Living out our own dreams of fame yearning, ‘giving up’ our own interests and goals in life. welcome to the 21st century. Now this is not to say that all celebrities’ have no talent, but what is the point of being celebrity obsessed wIth individuals whose fame depends on the controversies they create not the talent they encompass. (PAUSE) I leave this for you to think about, why are we

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