Why did the League of Nations fail?

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TOPIC: WHY DID THE LEAGUE OF NATIONS FAIL? What was the League of Nations? The League of Nations was an organization founded because of the peace conference in Paris which put an end to the World War One. It was the world’s first international organization and its goal was to maintain world peace and was active from 1919 until 1946. Its primary function was to prevent the outbreak of another war amongst the world’s great powers. It was however unable to fulfill this hence the outbreak of the second world war and is now said to have been a failure. Structure. It was made up of two main bodies that made the decisions. The council alongside the assembly and the secretariat. The council: It consisted of five…show more content…
Majority carries the vote would have been a much more appropriate system used because if decisions were because people are different and the decisions may have affected each of the countries in different ways i.e. Taking land from Germany would benefit France but would be to the determent of Germany so Germans would obviously not have voted for this hence the bill would be annulled. This would minimize the total amount of actions taken by the league overall and this questioned their relevance to the world. 2. The Assembly: Refer to weaknesses stated in ‘the council’. 3. The Secretariat: The main weakness of this of this part of the league was that it had no armed forces of its own. It was meant to carry out and enforce the decisions made by the League and it would have not been taken very seriously by the other countries because it had no real power of its own to punish the countries that went against the laws being passed. It could not protect itself and could be simply walked over by the greater powers. Why Did the League really fail? There were a number of reasons why the league could not prevent the outbreak of the Second World War: Failure to act promptly and sternly: Italy’s fascist dictator, Mussolini, was planning on building a new roman empire. He already had some colonies in Africa but he wanted more because he believed that the more colonies he had, the greater Italy would become. In 1934 there was a minute battle between Italy and a non
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