Why do individuals commit crimes?

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Can I Have Some Theory With That Crime?

Why do individuals commit crimes? Society today is very well concerned with this matter. In todays time, there are psychologists, criminologists, biologists, and sociologists searching for an answer. In reality, the answer to this question is very hard to find out. However, for centuries, researchers of all kinds have been persistent in analyzing criminals for an answer. The scholarly attention to crime from various perspectives has allowed for an extensive range of theories which are based on three broad theoretical approaches of explaining criminal behaviour. These theoretical approaches, which focus on the causes of crime and deviance in modern
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It is a part of the unconscious mind, which means that we are not aware of it. The id wants whatever it can get, which relates to the pleasure principle. This means that it wants immediate release or satisfaction, and will do what it has to do to get it, regardless of rational considerations), the ego (part of the conscious mind, and works as part of the reality principle. The ego decides when it is appropriate for the id get what it wants. If it is not an appropriate time, the ego will suppress the id 's urges until there is a more appropriate time) and the superego(the 'moral arm ' of the personality. It consists of the ideas and values of society. The superego will suppress the id 's urges, blocking the id from getting any satisfaction). When an individual experiences a bad childhood, one which lacked love, guidance and/or nurturing, they are unable to properly develop their personality. Psychodynamic theorists say that criminal actions are caused by an underdeveloped superego. This underdeveloped superego sways the individual away from doing what 's right but instead doing what 's satisfactory (Miller, 2009). Undoubtedly, I agree with the Psychological Theory. An individuals overall psychological state is an important factor to their personality, temperament and intelligence. Specifically, I do find the Psychodynamic Theory a major element that drives criminals. Most importantly, research suggests that individuals with weak egos are more likely to engage in drug
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