Why hate the Film?

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Why Hate the Film? Paula Oliveira Dr. Sucheta Choudhuri Literature and Film 2315 21 February 2014 Why Hate the Film? While most of us love watching films, those of us who have read the book in which a film was developed from, will most likely feel uneasy when the film does not match exactly what we read. In most cases, we feel disappointed to not see our own interpretation of the book on the screen. A film made from a book or inspired by a book is called adaptation. Many people who have read Cornell Woolrich's short story "It Had to Be Murder" and then watched Alfred Hitchcock’s film, “Rear Window,” were disappointed that the adaptation did not reflect exactly the…show more content…
Despite the changes made by Hitchcock, in Rear Window Jeff was still a man with a broken leg who observes his neighbors through his rear window. Furthermore, Jeff suspects, investigates and resolve a murder case committed by Thorwald his neighbor. In the short story, Jeff calls in Sam asking to locate the spyglass they had used before on a cabin cruiser. Sam finds the spyglass and brings it to Jeff. Then, Jeff writes a six words note to Thorwald “What have you done to her?” he seals the envelope and leaves it empty. Then, Jeff tells Sam to go put the note under the door at Thorwald’s apartment. Jeff set back back to spy on Thorwald’s reaction and facial expression once he open the note. This same scene in the Rear window film was much more dramatic than in the text. In the film The note is delivered to Thorwald’s apartment through Lisa, Jeff’s girlfriend who does not exist in the text. In the text, Jeff doesn’t seem to watch closely the moment that Sam dropped the note under Thorwald’s door as Jeff says “ There was the bell-poke right there. The note must be in already.” As if he wasn’t really looking at the moment the note was delivered. However in the film, Jeff gets the camera and watches Lisa’s every move while she is delivering the note. Stella is at Jeff’s apartment watching Lisa as well. In the text Jeff seems to be extremely anxious to see Thorwald’s reaction. In fact, he is so

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