Why in America - Nathan Rosenberg Essay

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Tutorial Assignment #2 Article: Why in America - Nathan Rosenberg The article "Why in America" by Nathan Rosenberg, we learn how manufacturing was important impact on America during the nineteenth century. America was primarily borrowed the European technology and the rate of technical change increased. There were three major reasons why american manufacturing has increased rapidly. The three reasons of rapid increase of American industries were the increase of population growth, larger amount of natural resources, and specialized machines. The population growth in the United States, has been booming because of the growing population of immigration and new borns coming to the world. Immigrants that were coming into the United…show more content…
Resources abundance provided an encouragement to explore the possibilities of new technological. This would result in members of the society to purchase other goods and services provided by the American system of manufactures. “The downside to the large amount of natural resources was that the machines used were very wasteful” (Rosenberg, 109). They also realized that there was a lot of available farmland which they can build the use of manufacturing innovations. For example, steel plough which is a cultivator which replaced the hand handling in the fields. The last reason of American manufacturing was the produced by specialized machines. America was producing many goods in the ninetieth century which result in the introduction to new technology. The specialized machinery required to save labour power which was good for the american economic. American was known as the ones that still borrow from the Europeans and would take their technologies for their purposes. “The woodworking machines is something the Americans have taken from the europeans which they liked because it required less labour” (Rosenberg, 105). The downside of this technological was that it would waste their natural resources like wood. Most of the specialized machinery allowed workers to fix these machines themselves which was easier for every individual. “America also became a powerhouse for metalwork” (Rosenberg, 109). The specialized machinery
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