Why is College Education Important?

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The debate on controversial topics has been going on since time began. “The debate on whether a college education is worth it may have begun when the colonists arrived from Europe and founded “New College” (later renamed Harvard University) in 1636 (College Education).” Whatever the case attaining a college education can be very beneficial to one throughout life. It can help one earn more money over a lifetime, and even can help someone live longer. Without college, the education system as we know it would be forever changed. Having a college education is something that can propel one through life and allow them to be able to reach all of their destined goals and desires. Not having a college education is something that can prevent one…show more content…
Those with college educations are more likely to receive fulfillment in life. Someone that has graduated from college is more likely to have health insurance and retirement plans, 70% of college graduates had access to employer-provided health insurance (College Education). Health insurance is important because it ensures that the holder is covered in case of an accident. Retirement plans help to create a future for that person and it gives them something to look forward to. Throughout their life college graduates will experience better job conditions, career fulfillment, and pay than those that are less-educated (The Happy State). Graduates of college also enjoy an overall higher quality of life, from stronger marriages to living longer; these things can influence someone’s life in many different ways (The Happy State). Those that have graduated from college can expect to live at least five years longer than those who have not finished high school (The Happy State). Why is this significant; because if you have a longer expectancy of life, then one has longer to attempt to gain that fulfillment from life. Individuals with a degree also have a better health knowledge, literacy, and behaviors than those without (The Happy State). This means that graduates have a better understanding of different things and how they can affect them. For women, a college education goes hand in hand
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