Why is Dracula such a great horror story? Essay

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Why is Dracula such a great horror story?

In my opinion 'Dracula' is a great horror story because it is highly entertaining in its idea of vampirism, its atmospheric descriptions, powerful characterisation and the horrific death of Lucy. The novel is also interesting because of the religious perspectives, such as the use of garlic, holy water and the crucifix as weapons against evil.

Jonathan Harker's journey to Count Dracula's home is described in great detail. The atmosphere not only adds to the dangerous ride to
Dracula's Castle, but also comes alive as we're reading it. The atmosphere surrounding Harker is incredibly frightening but the detail and descriptions used are so astounding that we can feel the 'strange
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'paralysis of fear' tells us that Harker is clearly too scared to move a muscle.

The detail is very interesting. Each word kept me entertained, as I'm sure it does every reader.

Harker arrives at Count Dracula's Castle. This part of the story is fascinating; Harkers first encounter with Dracula is also 'strange'.

Dracula is described as half-man and half-animal. This is very peculiar. He is a 'tall, old man,' who is 'clad in black head to toe.'
I would definitely not be happy, if I were to meet him. Dracula has
'hair in palms' and also 'massive eyebrows.' Harker also says
Dracula's 'breath was rank.' This image is certainly odd and Dracula is not very attractive! This description of Dracula is frightening for harker mostly, but great for the reader. Stoker's use of language is totally luminous. These animalistic features of Dracula are eerie not only to Harker but also to the readers.

Dracula's domestic attentions towards harker are eccentric. The Count does everything himself. He takes Harker's 'luggage' and 'opened the door.' You would wonder why there aren't any 'servants' in a huge castle. Harker realises this oddity, so he 'looked for a bell' but couldn't find one. This adds another mysterious aspect towards Dracula and should interest the readers. The reader reads on, searching for an explanation for a reason why there are no servants. We assure that
Dracula is unable to employ
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