Essay on Why is Politics Important?

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Why is Politics Important?


We have been asked why we are decreasingly involved with politics and political concerns; perhaps a better question would be why should we be more so?


We are a generation that learns from experience, that takes its truth not from the words of those in power, but rather from what we can observe with our own eyes and ears. We have been lied to countless times, in every way possible, and are starting to become jaded and indifferent to the entire thing. "When have I lied to you?" you ask, "When have I attempted to deceive you?" The deception you have offered lies not so much in intentional mistruth, but rather in things that we have seen, and it is a set of deceptions that we are reluctant
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We are told that if we work hard we will succeed, but we have worked hard and been refused what we deserve, been called boy by those who do not understand us, been told that sexual favors are required for advancement. You have told us that the future is wide open, that we can do anything we want, and then refused to educate us with the preparatory skills we need to do so. We have seen the way you pour money into war and weaponry, and yet refuse to fund schools, or at least the schools that your children are afraid to attend. We are tired of the hypocrisy.


This is the reason that we care nothing for your political system, because we have been told that democracy is the way that the people rule and control our own nation, but we have seen repeatedly that "the people" are merely the rich, the privileged, the elite. I want to be president. But if I am a lower class African American girl, I have no chance. This is not what we are taught in our history and government books, but rather what we know from the world around us.


So why should we care? Our voice is not valued, our opinions not taken into consideration, our very existence is seen as a hindrance to progress, rather than a part of the system. So we drop out and take no part. We know that participating is merely a justification for you to continue doing whatever you think is in the best interests of the rich white America, and

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