Why is confidence so important?

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Why is confidence so important?
During my early years I was bullied in and out of school. My first experience with bullying started when I was in daycare. A girl named Kelly started bullying me. Every time I saw her she would talk about either my hair or my clothes or the way I looked. One day, my brother and Kelly’s sister were watching Kelly and I. Kelly’s aunt had told her to leave me alone. And after her aunt left the room, Kelly started pushing me to see what I would do and after a while I got really angry, so I punched her in the face. As her aunt came back in the room, she saw Kelly on the floor with me standing over her. Kelly’s Aunt then said, “Did I not tell you to leave her alone.” After that experience I knew that I had the
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One example of trying new things is when I started growing my dreadlocks. My dreadlocks teach me how to be patient, and how to happy with myself, no matter what you may look that day. As my own dreadlocks grow and change, I can remember where each and every dread started. They are a piece of artwork I wear on my head. I wear them up or down, whatever they look akin to at the time, with pride. They are mine. I've had them for about eight years now and they are now down to my lower back. They are such a part of me, but not who I am. I am not the happy dumb tree hugging high hippy everyone thinks. In fact I'm quite the opposite, I did not do this for fashion or to be cool, its sad really cause its eight years of not caring about what people think, what ever is easiest. They are a product of complete antisocial behavior. When I wear them down people always ask is that your real hair, I usually respond is that your real question, so many times I have been asked that. Long live dreads.
Confidence enables you to be independent. That means that you have the confidence to try something new and being independent helps with confidence. An example of this is when I went to work in the Walt Disney College Program. While in the Disney College Program, I worked in the MGM studios (its now know as Hollywood Studios) at a quick service restaurant called The Backlot Express. I spent a lot of time

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