Why is it Beneficial to Legalize Marijuana

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Legalize Marijuana Marijuana is a drug that is spreading all around the world and is now proven to be the most beneficial drug out there. More than 25 million Americans annually use it each year. If the country legalized it then everyone would have more jobs available to go around such as harvesters, dispensary clerks, distributors, or croppers. Thus, the unemployment rate is lowered and America could make more money if they taxed it (Jack). Not only could they tax it but also save more money because they would not have to lock up those people getting arrested every year. That way America could lower the country’s debt and then there is a lot less people in prisons. It would save the country billions of dollars each …show more content…
Some of those people could start businesses doing that and then more people are hired throughout everywhere. Much of the country will want to trade and the businesses that grow marijuana will be able to distribute and trade it. Other foreign countries would want to trade with us which just adds up to more of our revenue and as a result lowers the country’s debt. Marijuana industries would be just the same as alcohol and tobacco industries because they are also very popular. Industries would have the same jobs and America could market it everywhere. People could also go to college with whatever they want to major in for the marijuana industry. Colleges could of course give out degrees and then there is more people going out of college with jobs instead of the 25 percent of people that go live with their parents after just graduating from college. College graduates could get business degrees or go into professions for farming marijuana. WeGrow is a company that specializes in hydroponic supplies -- everything you need to grow legal weed, their stores have it. Each franchise creates about 75 legitimate jobs, ones that likely would have remained in the shadows, profitable only to shady dealers, had old laws remained on the books. Farmers could also help make marijuana a lot safer to grow by professionally knowing how to grow it. Also farmers would grow in a healthy environment and would save tons of wasted electricity and water. Each
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