Why is it important for an organization to undergo this type of transformation?

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Why is it important for an organization to undergo this type of transformation?

It is essencial for an organization to modernize and change in to the way it does business when business needs change and when the political and social aspects change. Transformation in an organization covers a vast variety of needs and activity, this is generally aimed at improving performana ce and productivity for an organization to survie. This can be achieved in many ways, from growth , innovation, skills development, as well as through downsizing, layoffs and replacement as well as shift in asssets resources or market shares.

In moset cases organixations have little chance but to change. As the global world move faster ans faster ans shift
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This is best accomplish by forming a change managemrnt ream to help prepare he organization. Inshort, when an organization is stuck when frustrated execututve work hard and long with limited success, staff at all level are overwhelmed, guarded and cynical that is when transformation is needed. what tools/resources/opportunities should organiatiosn employ to successfully manager through this transition?
Define roles – managers who initiates the dea of change and points out the need, the managers who coordinates the transition, the managers who rallies the company to get behind the change and the managers responsbil for seeing the chage through
Identify need—an organizations change can only happen whn the organication feels the change is needed.

Change in leadership/managermnt/employees --- bring in new to re-energize
Get out side help via consultations and cooperate resources – a team to implement change from the old to new
The ability to integrate systems collaborate awith prarites and coordinate across the supply chain remain elusive. Innovation is hampared and stilled. Customer focused stratiesa ae uncoordinagted and implementation is uneven.

Organizational transformation is a process that no exisiting organixation will misss in the organizational life cycle. Otganizations that sis not go through transfoation have probably ceased to exist because
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