Why is perception important Explain the factors influencing perception

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Question No.2: Why is perception important? Explain the factors influencing perception. Answer: Perception can be defined as a process by which individuals organize and interpret their sensory impressions in order to give meaning to their environment. However, as we have noted, what one perceives can be substantially different from objective reality. An individual’s behaviour is based on their perception of reality, not on reality itself. It is important in communicating effectively, assessing situations, understanding behaviours, and selecting and evaluating employees. Perception helps us to understand differences in the behaviours of different people by showing us that their perceptions vary, even though the situation/context might…show more content…
Cognitive complexity allows a person to perceive multiple characteristics of another person rather than attending to just a few traits. g. Expectations: Finally, expectations can distort your perceptions in that you will see what you expect to see. The research findings of the study conducted by Sheldon S Zalkind and Timothy W Costello on some specific characteristics of the perceiver reveal Knowing oneself makes it easier to see others accurately. One’s own characteristics affect the characteristics one is likely to see in others. People who accept themselves are more likely to be able to see favorable aspects of other people. Accuracy in perceiving others is not a single skill. These four characteristics greatly influence how a person perceives others in the environmental situation. 2. The Target: Characteristics in the target that is being observed can affect what is perceived. Physical appearance plays a big role in our perception of others. Extremely attractive or unattractive individuals are more likely to be noticed in a group than ordinary looking individuals. Motion, sound, size and other attributes of a target shape the way we see it. The perceiver will notice the target’s physical features like height, weight, estimated age, race and gender. Perceivers tend to notice physical appearance characteristics that contrast with the norm, that are intense, or that are new or unusual. Physical attractiveness often colours our
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