Why it is important to have emotional intelligence in the workplace

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Why Emotional Intelligence Is Important To Have In The Workplace

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There are many different characteristics a person needs to possess in order to be an effective leader and to be an asset to a company. Besides having a high IQ a leader must be able to evaluate a business environment, manage tasks efficiently, promote strategic thinking and innovation, and manage change. All the traits just mentioned are extremely important, although, recent studies have showed one of the more important characteristics a leader must possess in order to be effective is emotional intelligence.
What is Emotional Intelligence? Imagine if everyone in the workplace was not able to
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An individual can learn this skill through practice and will help them reach goals in a positive way. Furthermore, studies have showed that taking anger management courses greatly impacts a person’s ability to acquire emotional intelligence. Empathy is the last skill an individual should retain when dealing with emotional intelligence. Empathy is the ability to understand the feelings of others. The more empathetic an individual is towards others feelings the better that individual will be dealing with situations. The skills needed when dealing with emotional intelligence will help an individual connect with coworkers more effectively and ultimately be a leader in the marketplace (Novick).
Attaining Emotional Intelligence in the Office A recent study conducted by the Consortium for Research revealed that the majority of corporations all agree that having emotional intelligence in the workplace is extremely essential when it relates to being successful. Some companies referred to salespeople who have the attribute of emotional intelligence were able to connect with customers better by better understanding their needs, which successively assisted them in building a trusting relationship with them. They also referred to customer service employees who also had emotional intelligence to handle aggressive situations with angry customers more effectively than those employees who lacked this trait. Furthermore,
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