Why people should eat meat Essay

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Meat, The Key To Life. Meat is the completing factor to a perfect meal. One should combine protein and fiber at every meal to be balanced throughout. One should consume meat daily because meat is packed with vitamins that are vital for the human body, meat is the natural source to a balanced diet, and not eating meat can cause problems for not only a person himself but for people around them. Meat being packed with vitamins makes meat, itself, vital for the body. According to Kris Gunnars, “meat has five very important brain nutrients that are only in meat. Vitamin B12 is the first, it is a water-soluble vitamin that is involved in the…show more content…
There are artificial ways to obtain protein if one does not eat meat but the most effective way to obtain the protein one’s body needs is natural protein (through the meat of animals). Believe it or not, not eating meat can cause conflict to others around the one not eating meat. For example, according to Laura Fraser’s experiences “As a vegetarian, not only had I denied myself something I truly enjoyed, I had been anti-social. How many times had I made a hostess feel uncomfortable by refusing the main course at a dinner party, lamely saying I’d “eat around it”?” (Fraser, 688). Laura is saying how she was at a guest party and she caused conflict with her hostess just because she can not eat what was cooked for her. Therefore, not only does not eating meat cause conflict in one’s life, in many factors, but also in others as well. Some people may claim that the abuse of animals is so horrid that they avoid eating meat completely. However, “the problem really isn’t meat, but too much meat-over-grazing, over-fishing, and over-consumption. If Americans just ate less meat-like driving cars less often-the problem could be alleviated without giving up meat entirely” (Fraser, 688). If people in America would not consume tremendous amounts of meat daily then the high amount of animals being abused and killed would decrease effectively. Consuming meat daily completes the diet a person’s body needs; therefore balancing out

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