Essay on Why so Much Crime is Committed in Urban Areas

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Why so Much Crime is Committed in Urban Areas

Crime in urban areas has been on the increase since the 1950s, why? What has happened to cause crime to become almost an accepted part of inner city life? There are plenty of crime figures available for every city in the world, but reading numbers from a list does not explain why more crimes are being committed, to try to understand we have to look at what has changed in urban communities and how these changes have affected the people that live there.

Most urban areas have always been predominately working class with low-grade housing and low wages, where communities had enjoyed a strong bond as people worked together in factories and mills, whole
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These street gangs whose goals of regular work and prospects of social mobility were unlikely to be attainable. This led to the gangs having their own values and rules of what is criminal behaviour. Crime then became almost acceptable and attractive within these sub-cultures. Detective Chief Superintendent John Carnochan, head of the Strathclyde police violence reduction unit, describes areas of Scotland where “interpersonal violence is almost accepted as legitimate, a community norm, something that cannot be changed.” (Sunday times 2005)

Other aspects of the urban areas of today that must play a part in the increase of crime is the available opportunities to commit crimes, more houses, less security and the increase in steal able products in the average house hold. The change in which the police are used to fight crime, has had quite an impact on urban crime, the move away from community type policing, where the local police officer would know everyone on their beat. To a more centralised police force that concentrate their resources on fighting the more organised crimes, has led to communities feeling alienated from the justice system, and a distrust of the police to be willing to help.

A report in the Sunday times (December 2004) states experts now believe that environmental factors play a large part in crime, much of which is committed by legitimate users of a space