Why soldiers enlisted in WW1 Essay

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To what extent did Australian’s enlist in 1914 to defend the ‘Mother Country’?
There are many reasons to why Australian’s went to war in the 1914; everyone had different reasons for applying for this life- threatening job. Some went for the thrill, to get a job, to get away from the drought and some people even had war fever. On the other hand, some people went because they felt like it was the right thing to do and because everyone else was doing it. A lot of time people think only about the soldiers that went to war and forget about the women who also enlisted as nurses and did other important jobs. England was like home to the Australian’s but is that really why they went to war, when it comes down to it this is only a small reason
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I think I know what it is to rough it now and if it is my lot well here goes I am itching to get a dig at a few Germans… we have all got the war fever… it’s not bad money here 5/- a day and clothes and food that’s nearly as good as Cabinet Making and not half so hard. You may think it funny mee turning up such a good job but it was like this Philpott had only about 3 days work left for us and things are so bad out here for there is a drought on we haven’t had any rain for months so I thorrt I would join the army.”

Lieutenant D.G. Armstrong (former bank clerk from Kyneton, Victoria), thought that the war would be great opportunity to prove his strength and to show that he was not a coward "I am going to have a try for the war ... I think I ought to go, they want all they can get and ... I think it's the greatest opportunity for a chap to make a man of himself, those that come back from this war will be men of the right sort that anybody would be proud of."

Corporal R.E. Antill, (former cabinet maker from Windsor, Victoria), joined up because he was eager to shed German blood "I am itching to get a dig at a few Germans ... we have all got the war fever ... I am too excited to give my mind to writing" However, after experiencing the horrors of war, Corporal Antill was not so blood thirsty..."I honestly say I will be highly delighted when this war is over for it is simply terrible, for to see your pals shot down beside you." and "The
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