Why teens need cell phones

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Why teens need cell phones. Tim was riding his bike from school, when he looked behind there was this red truck following him. He started to get kinda worried, so he started going faster so he could get to his house faster. Tim had about 3 blocks left to go, the truck was still following him. The truck started speeding up, suddenly Tim looked to his left and the truck was next to him. There was an older gentlemen in the truck and he said “get in i can take you home, throw your bike in the trunk.” Tim yelled no! Then tim reached in his pocket while still riding his bike and dialed 911. Soon Tim reached his house and he ran inside. Locking all the doors and windows. He looked out one window and the truck was sitting in his driveway with the…show more content…
A teen in a situation where he/she must travel or walk alone to get to school might need a cell phone to stay connected with family. Teens need cell phones in case something happens when they’re with their friends. (Hatter, 5) Cell phone safety. Safety is one of the most prevalent reasons cited by parents for providing teens with a cell phone. The main reason for providing a teenage with a cell phone is to enale contact with the teenager when they are not home. Parents feel safer with their teenagers having cell phones. (Halter, 4) Cell phone texting safety. Parents feel safer with their teenagers having cell phones. The compromising photos sent to your “friend” could actually end up being seen by people they weren’t intended for or end up being placed on the internet for the world to see. That “friend” online you met and are now texting, may not be the person you think they are. Distracted driving is mostly caused by text messaging. When driving you should not text and drive because while you texting and driving you may be looking at your phone longer than you think and you may rear end someone and seriously injure someone or yourself, or run a red light and hit someone. Conclusion So to come to my conclusion that teens need cell phones. Teens need cell phones to call incase of an emergency. For example if a teen has medical issues they might need a cell phone to call in case they need

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