Why the 2014 FIFA World Cup Should Not Take Place in Brazil Essay example

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Since it began in 1930, the FIFA World Cup has been the largest single event sports competition in the world. Every four years FIFA, the Fédération International de Football Association, calls upon thirty-two of the world’s greatest soccer teams to compete in the stadiums of the host country. In addition to having one of the top competing teams, Brazil will also be hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The 31 day tournament begins in Sao Paulo on June 12th and ends with the championship match in Rio de Janeiro on July 13th. In recent months Brazil has been busy preparing to host the tournament in twelve brand new stadiums around the nation. The World Cup will cost Brazil an estimated fourteen billion dollars, an amount that continues to…show more content…
Since this change there has been a significant increase in drug related offences, a problem that the public health department has been unable to control. The parties and the festivities of the World Cup will be sure to increase illegal drug sales and consumption, without the funding to keep the issue under control. The money the nation is giving to FIFA for the World Cup could be used to better train law enforcement officials and establish security programs that would keep citizens safe. Brazil has become a nation that cannot provide the proper security for its citizens, but is quick to hand over 3.5 billion dollars to refurbish sports stadiums. Law enforcement and police training aren’t the only areas where Brazil is lacking an education. Brazil was ranked 53rd in an international study of education systems, an accurate placing due to the amount of children receiving a low level education, or no education at all. In the poorer regions of Brazil, children receive a lower level of education due to the lack of amenities and resources. Children in wealthier cities receive much better schooling because the education system is based on the area the students live in. This inequality causes some children to feel like school isn’t worth their time, and instead spend their days at home or working in a child labor job. Attendance issues have been a result of poverty, many malnourished children don’t attend school because it is difficult for them to adjust
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