Why the Cold War developed by 1949 Essay

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By 1949, the Cold War had developed in many ways since 1945. The most significant factor to the development of the Cold War since the end of World War II, was the building of the Iron Curtain in 1946 which divided the communists countries of Eastern Europe from the non-communist countries of the West and considerably contributed to the hostilities between the West and the USSR. Other reasons why Cold War had developed by was because of the different ideology to begin with, the Marshall Plan and Truman Doctrine, the Berlin Blockade, the sphere of influence and the NATO, which united the Western powers.

The most important reason why the Cold War had developed by 1949 was because of the building of the Iron Curtain, which divided the
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The making of the Marshall Plan, lead to Stalin setting up ?Cominform? to try and strengthen Communism in Europe and to co-ordinate Communist parties. Stalin also stopped any countries from accepting the Marshall aid, and so the Truman Doctrine became very significant in developing the divide of Eastern and Western Europe. The Cold War is known to be about the two opposing sides, using one-upmanship on each other, and so the making of the Truman Doctrine demonstrates the sides retaliating to each others? actions, without fighting or disarming each other.

Towards the end of the period of 1945 to 1949, the Berlin Blockade was planned by Stalin who felt threatened by the prosperity of West Germany and the uniting of the three other sectors of Germany (USA, France and Britain). He put his troops all the way around Berlin to stop people from entering and leaving the city and cut two million Berliners off. As the Cold War was not about fighting, because of the introduction of atomic bombs, the west found alternative methods to help the people inside Berlin who were cut off. They flew 8000 tonnes of food into Berlin every day, by plane, which landed and flew off every 90 seconds. In response, the Soviet fighters did not try and shoot the planes down, but did all they could to try and stop them, by distracting them with other planes in the sky. This developed the Cold War,

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