Why the Equal Rights Ammendment Was Defeated Essay

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For quite a long time, women have wanted to receive the same treatment as men. When African American men were able to vote, women wanted to be able to vote as well. When World War II was in progress, women would work in the factories while their husbands, brothers and fathers were fighting in the war. Women were tired of being treated differently and not having the same rights as men, so they wanted to conceive an amendment that would force people to treat them as equally as men and anyone else. This amendment was called the Equal Rights Amendment. On March 22, 1972, the equal rights amendment, E.R.A., was passed by the United States Senate and was sent to the states for ratification. Thirty states ratified the amendment but then a…show more content…
Things that attended to specifically women like labor laws in heavy industries and not having to be drafted in cases of war would be something of mere memory. Women also get lower rates for both life and automobile insurance because of the fact that they live longer and are involved in fewer accidents, to be fair, and equal right for women will take away the right to for lower rates. All of the legal rights that women had attempted to establish and were granted to them would be taken away if this amendment came to order. I can count at least six Catholic all girls and all boy schools in my state. People pay big bucks to get their children into those schools. The E.R.A. would take away the tax exemption from these schools as well as take them away for good, there would be no single-sex schools or colleges, and everything would be integrated. There would be no mother-daughter or father-son events as well as an extinction to the things everyone enjoys like Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and even the Boys State and Girls State that is carried out by the American Legion. There’s a clause called the Hayden Clause that was added to the Equal Rights Amendment in hopes that it would ease the process of becoming accepted. The clause stated that: "Nothing in this Amendment will be construed to deprive persons of the female sex of any of the rights, benefits, and exemptions now conferred by law on persons of the female sex." Since people wanted full

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