Why the Jim Crow Laws Came About Essay

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Analysis The history of African Americans has had a great impact on our country. They have gone through an extended period of slavery and discrimination and judgment. They are treated, to this day, as a lower level based upon their skin color and their background. They spent many years trying to advance on the social ladder, but had trouble in the process. Every obstacle they overcame, such as slavery, was short lived do to the next, such as voting restrictions. The major reason they were able to gain the right to vote was because of the passing of the 15th Amendment, which allowed them to vote freely. Yet many argue that African Americans were able to obtain the right to vote because of the already expected social change and the easy…show more content…
The 15th Amendment was the result of the hard work and dedication of various African Americans. Lastly, the 15th Amendment is the reason African Americans were able to vote because that is exactly what the Amendment was created for. In the amendment, it states that “ the right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied …” meaning that no one can be denied that right based on any differences. The creation of the 15th Amendment was exactly what African Americans worked hard to obtain. Many people in society felt that a change was already fast approaching without the help of the 15th Amendment. It was expected that a social change would happen, society just never expected it to be the end of slavery. Everyone began to see the change when those in power, such as Abraham Lincoln and President Lyndon B. Johnson, showed support of African American advancement. Both Presidents worked for the cause of equality of races because they had a vision of a new America where everyone was to be treated equally. Even though it was obvious that a change was coming, it is clear that without the passing of the 15th Amendment, African Americans would never have had the right to vote because society would have never seen them as equal. Indeed, slavery was over but that did not mean that the white community had to accept them as equal.
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