Why the Levi Advertisements Were Successful Essay

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Why the Levi Advertisements Were Successful Levi's began to manufacture jeans around the 1870s, and jeans were originally working men's clothing. During the 1950s people aged 13-19 became known as teenagers, prior to this people were all either children or adults. Jeans became popular clothes for teenagers because they were seen as a sign of rebellion against parents and authority. The jeans wearing teenagers then grew up and become parents meaning that the next generation of youngsters saw older people wearing the jeans and refused to wear them. This forced jeans to become unfashionable throughout the early 80s. In the mid 80s Levi's hired a highly successful advertising company (Bartle Bogle…show more content…
These may be indicating warning, or danger. There is excitement in the air. The next shot shows the man lowering himself into the bath, with the cooling water in this scene being a dramatic contrast to the heat and excitement previously, however the way the water seeps over the mans crotch are a would be for many very sexually attractive. At the end of this commercial the text "Now available pre-shrunk" is displayed. In the past jeans would not be available pre-shrunk, and people would often sit in the bath to help mould the jeans to the shape of their bodies. As these advertisements were set around the 1950s, when jeans would not be available pre-shrunk, we assume that the man was sitting in the bath to shrink his jeans to his body. In this advert the image of a typical single male seems to be portrayed. The man is conventionally good looking, with a good body, and we are led to believe that he is meeting a girl. This is how a lot of young men at that time would wish to be, meaning that many viewers would believe wearing the jeans would make them more good looking, and more likely to get a woman. Advertisement 67 shows the text "Now available stone washed" at the end, as in the past people would also often wash their jeans along with stones to create a stone washed effect. This features another conventionally good-looking man again, walking into a laundrette. He walks in and

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