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Dictator, a word that has haunted people throughout history, it means a leader who rules a country with absolute power, usually by force. Trujillo was a dictator of that kind, he was a role model in front of his people, but a murderer in the shadows. There were those who went against him in order to gain their freedom, among those brave souls were the Mirabel sister who fought for their freedom. These radicalists were known as The Butterflies, which consisted of the Mirabel sisters. The Butterflies went through a metamorphosis just like butterflies; they transformed themselves into symbols of peace through stages in their life.
Although the Mirabel sisters were four ordinary children growing. As young girls the sisters had learned of the
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In addition, Trujillo was friends with the head of the armed forces, and friends with his wife’s lover. One day Trujillo told the general about his wife having an affair with another man, and Trujillo became the head of the armed forces soon after the general shot his wife and her lover. (17). Even though the sisters didn’t want to believe it the accusations against their president, but began to realize how true they were. Over time the sisters met others that didn’t agree with their president’s ways, and that is how the Mirabel sisters came to join the Virgilio Morales.
Although the sisters joined the revolt to stop Trujillo, they also joined to make the Dominican Republic a better place. During their involvement with the rebels, the sisters became known as The Butterflies, because they were a sign of hope and change. The sisters had a unique characteristic that they sparked a change in people. Rufino, their driver, said, “A Dio’ Dona Dedé, you think I’ll let anything happen to the butterflies? They’ll have to kill me first” (269). Rufino said he would give his life so save the sisters during their prison break of the men captured by Trujillo. Rufino was willing to put his life on the line for the Butterflies, because he knew they were a symbol for their movement due to their dedication towards a better future.
The Mirabel sisters truly are butterflies in every way, because they go through

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