Why the Police were Unable to Catch Jack the Ripper Essay

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Why the Police were Unable to Catch Jack the Ripper

In the Victorian Times, smog was a big problem. It made visibility extremely bad, so the murders would have been harder to witness. There were lots of prostitutes because there weren’t many jobs available for woman, so they were forced on the streets. Most turned to alcohol. The people out at the time of the murder would have been tramps and drunks, not reliable witnesses. The East End streets were maze-like, and easy to escape from. These were a few of the problems the police encountered.

Jack the Ripper was extremely clever to be able to evade the police the whole period in which he committed his murders. He chose different locations for
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Theories were on whom the murderer might be, causing tension in the Whitechapel area and creating more racial hatred. The press received lots of letters ‘from the murderer’ but held them back. Like the Dear Boss letter, They didn’t give it to the police for a few days, slowing down any action that could have been taken.

The police had only just been set up when the murders occurred, so had no previous experience. The only way to prove someone committed a murder was to catch them in the act or get a confession. Though they increased the number of officers, they only ever came across the bodies, warm. There was more than one police force operating in London at the time, which meant that there was a lack of communication. In fact, the superior officers told their subordinates to not reveal any evidence they retrieved to their rival force, each police force wanting the glory of catching the Whitechapel murderer. The Metropolitan police force was responsible for all of London, except the city of London, which had its own separate, City Police force. They were both working on the case because one of the murders had been committed in the area where the City Police operated, as opposed to the other ones which occurred in the Metropolitan police forces area. The Detective methods were not

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