Why the United Sates Became Increasingly Involved in the Vietnam War

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Why the United Sates Became Increasingly Involved in the Vietnam War

The United States became involved in the war in Vietnam for many reasons. The main reason of which is the Cold War. No fighting between the two countries actually took place due to both countries owning nuclear weapons which were used as a deterrent but got at each other by involving themselves in the issues of other countries that had a knock on effect on each other. The Cold War was a war that initiated between the US and Russia after World War two. The war started because after the war Russia took over Eastern Europe and turned all of the countries under its control communist. However the US wanted Europe to stay capitalist and
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This caused the French to move back and loose more of Vietnamese territory to the North. The significance of this was the fact that a small South East Asian country had defeated a huge European nation. Then at the Geneva Conference in Geneva, Switzerland, it was decided that the French had to slowly reduce the number of troops it had in Vietnam and then in two years time there was to be a national election (which never took place) to unite the two halves after at the conference it was decided that Vietnam should be divided into two (North and South) along the 17th parallel. Then North however still provided support to communist groups in the south.

The US then further involved them in Vietnam by appointing a corrupt puppet government to take control of the south. By doing this they would have an active part in the running of the south of Vietnam which would be allowing them to take shots at Russia to give them yet another further advantage in the cold war. The president of this corrupt government was a man named Ngo Ding Diem. This caused problems mainly because he was a catholic and the majority religion in Vietnam is Buddhist. He oppressed the Buddhists by not allowing them to celebrate Buddha's Birthday which caused Buddhist Monks the most famous of which is Quang Duc to

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