Why the compromises from 1846~1861 failed to prevent the Civil War

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The compromises from 1846 to 1861 were, by their intentions, to postpone the struggle between the north and the south temporarily but not to solve it. The foundational problems, like the the slavery itself, the differences in social structure and economic system and the expansion of slavery, were left. The increasing struggle between the abolitionists and slave owners and between the newly formed Republican Party and the Democratic Party kept putting those questions in front of the US people. The compromises themselves failed to satisfy the wants of both sides, enraged the north and frightened the south, so up to the election of Lincoln, the tension built up to a climax and finally broke out to become a civil war.

A major difference
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The books and newspapers further pushed these struggles, like the Uncle Tom 's Cabin. the Liberator and An Appeal to the Coloured Citizens of the World, rises the sympathy in the north to the slaves and increasingly frightened the south.

The popular sovereignty used in New Mexico territories, the compromise of 1850 and the Kansas and Nebraska Acts were Victories of the south politically, however these acts were still seemed as "compromises" because both the north and the south were dissatisfied with these acts, that they could only be compromises but not victories. For the south the expansion of slavery was needed because the slavery was the foundation of southern society and economy, they had enjoyed less benefits from the fast developing northern industrial economy, if, without more lands and slaves moving to the new land, the expansion of production could not be achieved while their way of living could be challenged. For the northerners the process of industrial revolution went slowly in the south and with slavery the free labor could never come true. The Bleeding Kansas, Dred Scott Affair and John Brown created a sense that the movement of northern abolitionists had come to a climax, while the south itself, during the National Convention of Democratic Party, divided
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