Why to Select Third Party Tools to Manage Server and Networking Infrastructure?

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In addition, there are inbuilt server tools like DNS Server, DHCP Server, File Server, and Active Directory to create a complete networking infrastructure inside an organization. However, the server and networking management using the traditional Microsoft tools become obsolete at a level. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how these tools fail to serve the purpose and why the need of using third party tools arises.
1. Managing Users in Large Organizations
Let us suppose a case of a large organization has fifty different departments, each of which contains hundreds of employees segregated on different positions. A large IT helpdesk of at least 70 or more members is at least required to meet the IT requirements in this case. Suppose the IT staff is required to create the user accounts of 200 new users who’ve to join in the different departments next week, audit 300 users of five departments, and to keep a check on the file modifications on the file server to trace the unauthorized accesses to the sensitive data. How much time will they take for these three tasks? Almost three to four weeks, but the management wants them to complete this task in four days without a hit to the daily demands of troubleshooting the computers, managing the networks, seeing the logon/logoff, and other work. Is it possible? The…
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