Why was Elizabethan theatre so successful? Essay

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Why was Elizabethan theatre so successful? One of the reasons that Elizabethan theatre was so successful was that it was enjoyed by the Queen. Elizabeth never visited the theatre herself, but was known to have invited companies of actors to perform for her at court, as is shown by this extract from government records in 1572: "To the Lord Chamberlain's players at Whitehall, 25 February 1572, for a play presented by them before Her Majesty on St Stephen's Day." She was a very important patron of the theatre, even allowing one company to call themselves "The Queen's men". This meant that people would think that the theatre was not a bad thing as the ruler appointed by God supported it, and therefore they could not be doing…show more content…
An attraction to the theatre was its cheap entry cost, for groundlings it only cost 1 penny, this meant that it was accessible to even the poorest Elizabethans. The theatre cost different amounts depending of where you wanted to be, the yard where everyone all stood together cost 1 penny, to sit cost 2 pennies and for a wealthy person to sit comfortably in a place where they could be seen by most of the people in the theatre cost only 3 pennies. The cheapness of this attracted people of all classes, the poor to see the wealthy and to have a cheapish day out, and the wealthy to show themselves and their riches off in front of everyone at the theatre. The theatre was very successful because it held attractions for a wide variety of people. To the rich it offered a chance to show off their wealth and to make contacts. If you were a young, single man, going to the theatre dressed in your finest clothes could attract the attention of a young woman to you, and to criminals the theatre was an easy place to pick pockets and steal other desirable items from people in the crowd. To all the chance to buy fruit, nuts, wine and beer was also an attractive proposition. Another attraction to the theatre was the actors, these men had difficult jobs, they had to learn their lines and queues in the evening, rehearse the play in the morning and then perform it in the afternoon, before going home to learn their lines to a new play. The actors had to

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