Why we should raise the minimum wage

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Narin Gopaul

Professor Flanagan



It 's the year 2014, and we are in the state of the financial crisis which is still being felt

across the nation by the majority of Americans. Many Americans who have worked on

minimum wages are struggling to live on a salary that is below the poverty threshold. In 2012, the U.S census posted that in a family of three; their income is 18,552, (U.S Census). In most case, one member of the family is working on a minimum wage salary which is below 18,552, (U.S. Dept. of Labor). It has been almost a five years since congress has raised the minimum wage (Huff Post). Throughout my argument, I will share my thoughts as wells as facts on why congress should agree to raise the minimum wage. We
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Inflation has also been one of the signature conflicts of raising the minimum wage. In the past 5 to six years, the inflations levels have been at 1.5 percent (CNN money). By raising the minimum wage, should not increase inflation but help it maintain its current state. When adjusted for inflation, the current federal minimum wage would need to be more than $8 per hour to equal its purchasing power of the early 1980s and more nearly $11 per hour to equal its buying power of the late 1960s (U.S dept. Labor). That 's why President Obama is urging Congress to increase the federal minimum wage and give low-wage workers a much-needed boost.

When it comes to raising the minimum wage, it 's an essential (U.S dept. Labour)ingredient in entering a stable economic society. Congress must raise to the challenge or face the consequences of a declining economy. With more than 70 percent of working class people working on minimum wages, the economy will surely benefit from giving them an increase. If they refuse to make an advancement towards the situation; we will make it very difficult for our future generations to raise out poverty. Help the working class people of American and pave a brighter road to our future economy. Lift the spirits of the American by giving them a raise. The cry of millions of American citizens living in poverty is most important to the economy. Whereas, raising
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