Wi Fi For Education And Information Systems

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Wi-Fi for Education and Information Systems in Indian Rural Communities Throughout developing nations, access to Wi-Fi is limited to none. There are huge advantages to having access to the Internet in various ways. An extremely important advantage to Wi-Fi availability is so one can access the Internet for information to educate their selves. The Internet is filled with information right at ones fingertips that can be accessed at any time. Some countries such as India have numerous rural communities that cannot access this information. Lack of Internet access in today’s world can prove to be detrimental to one’s life. People who live in these communities throughout the world that do not have access to Wi-Fi are often less educated and at a serious disadvantage. According to the article Information Systems in Indian Rural Communities, “only a small fraction of the 2.5 billion people living in rural and remote areas in developing countries has any access to telecommunications.” This is a despicable factor being the Internet access is easy to attain and so widely used throughout other parts of the world. The article also states that “the very objective of the knowledge society that is based largely on access to the Internet and appropriate content has become a real challenge.” This can have major affects on not only adults in these societies who cannot easily access information they may need, but also on children of these communities who are unable to learn as much or on…

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