Wi Fi For Education And Information Systems

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Wi-Fi for Education and Information Systems in Indian Rural Communities Throughout developing nations, access to Wi-Fi is limited to none. There are huge advantages to having access to the Internet in various ways. An extremely important advantage to Wi-Fi availability is so one can access the Internet for information to educate their selves. The Internet is filled with information right at ones fingertips that can be accessed at any time. Some countries such as India have numerous rural communities that cannot access this information. Lack of Internet access in today’s world can prove to be detrimental to one’s life. People who live in these communities throughout the world that do not have access to Wi-Fi are often less educated and at…show more content…
This is where the MDG “Wi-Fi for Education” comes into play. “Wi-Fi for Education” is a MDG discussed in the book Designing A World That Works For All by Medard Gabel. This MDG discuss the strategy to provide those living in the developing world with Internet access via affordable Wi-Fi so that education related material could be provided to them as it is to many throughout the world. According to the book, “Its goals include providing Internet access (email plus phone service) to 4 billion people, living in the developing world, for $1/month- and to use the Internet as a medium for education…” This is an important factor because people living in these rural communities would not be able to afford Wi-Fi when offered if it was not at an affordable rate. This is because most people living in these communities live a life of poverty and simply cannot afford to pay substantial amounts for Internet access. There also seems to be a few choices in setting up a Wi-Fi infrastructure in developing nations, including a solar powered communications station. “Costs range from $500 per village to $1000 per village to set up a Wi-Fi infrastructure, to $2000 for a village-wide solar powered communications station.” These numbers may seem to be quite affordable, but one must understand how many rural villages in India have a need for this infrastructure. Prices can total up $638 million in order to
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