Wic Program Case Study

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One of the problems that I noticed on the WIC Program here in Pasadena, CA is the lack of adequate portion control nutrition education that is being conducted. After being more familiar with the types of participants in the in the program, it was noted that the program has a high number of overweight/obese children in the program. Moreover, the number of weight retention on postpartum mothers was high. Participants come to the program every 1 to 3 months and most of the appointment last for about 30 minutes. Nutritionists usually see participants that are at a higher nutritional risk while the Nutrition Assistants (WNAs) see the rest of the participants. Before the participant are seen, they are given a nutrition questionnaire to fill out and…show more content…
On busy days, mothers come in with one or two young fuzzy children wanting to go home. As they come in to sit in the office either with the RD or WNA, the mothers are not willing to spend a lot of time with their distracted children. With a simple questionnaire that focuses on type of foods consumed instead of the quantity, there is a higher chance that the mother will be more open to a dietary discussion and establish goals. I want to be clear that just because the portion sizes of food are not in the questionnaire, that does not mean that the RD or WNAs do not go over this information. It just means that there is less emphasis of it during a counseling session. If we were to add standard portion control questions in the questionnaire like other facilitates do, it will be helpful to further discuss it in counseling and make better dietary goals for our participants. She also stated that the only problem was that with her previous experience in other WIC facilities, the facilities that did a 24 food recalls, the participants would not able to remember everything in detail. Furthermore, they would feel "shamed" on the amount of food they actually had an report lower amount of food actually
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