Wicca vs. Scientology

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At first glance, Wicca and Scientology may appear to be completely opposite religions, sharing no common tenets or practices. Contrary to this, both systems of beliefs actually share several distinctive qualities that set them apart from many major religions in the world.
First, Wicca, the formal organization of witchcraft, is a mystery religion. Each practitioner is considered a witch, and practitioner of The Craft, which contains several different beliefs concerning theology and divinity depending on an individual because of their freedom to study what they seek. Members may choose to be solitary, or part of a coven, which is a group of Wiccans that share beliefs and conduct rituals together. Though different groups of Wicca may
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His capabilities are unlimited, even if not presently realized.” (Church of Scientology International) In addition to this, there are 8 dynamics within Scientology that embrace every aspect of life. These dynamics are: self, creativity, group survival, species, life forms, physical universe, spiritual dynamic, and infinity. By achieving each dynamic, Scientologists believe they are able to achieve ultimate completion and enlightenment. Also, an important aspect of Scientology is freedom, and is expressed as one’s ultimate attainable goal. Likewise within the Wicca religion, freedom is expressed by individuals through their seeking of truth, and in the Wiccan Rede, which basically states that Wiccan are free to act as they please as long as it doesn’t harm another. Overall, the Wiccan religion is generally theistic, and centered on the existence of one God and the one superior Goddess, which would be considered dualistic. In contrast, other groups of Wiccans are polytheistic, believing in several different deities that serve different functions in their religion. Finally, other groups may suppose that all goddesses are one Goddess, and all gods are one God. Some may suppose gods and goddesses to be real and existing with personalities, while others may see gods and goddesses as more of a thought or part of consciousness. A commonly held belief among the majority of Wiccans is that each member is a priest or priestess, as well as a witch,

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