Wichita Kansas Presidential Breakdown And Election Analysis

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Wichita Kansas Presidential Breakdown & Election Analysis
Who did Wichita vote for?
Wichita, Kansas is situated in Sedgwick County. The result was a 56.1% vote for Donald Trump, while Hillary Clinton received 36.9% of the vote. Gary Johnson received 4.9% and Jill Stein received 2.1%. Similarly, the overall Kansas state vote was as follows: 57.2% (Trump), 36.1% (Clinton), 4.7% (Johnson), and 2% (Stein). This is from both Politico and Wichita newspapers. The significance of an overwhelming vote for Trump reflects the correlation to economic divides, as voters may feel attached to the ideals of a better economy.
Economic Divide:
The city of Wichita is one of “the poorest and most distressed […] with 42 percent of people below the poverty line,” so one can make some assumptions on how these Americans feel. Some of the issues the city faces includes unemployment, neighborhood segregation, business changes, poverty rates, and lack of high school education (Voorhis: http://www.kansas.com/news/business/article62470722.html).
Wealthier neighborhoods tend to be outside the city limits of Wichita, while poorer neighborhoods make up most of the city’s neighborhoods. The implications are that “Areas, like Wichita, where the industrial economy has traditionally held firmest have really suffered […] These trends predate the Great Recession, but the recovery has continued to accelerate the fortunes of the most prosperous areas and the downturn of the most distressed” (Voorhis). In effect,

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