Wide Area Networks

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Homework Chapter 10: Wide Area Networks Last Name: ___________________________________ First Name: ___________________________________ Due Date: ____________________________________ Directions Place your cursor at the end of a question and hit Enter. This will place you in the Answer style. This has already been done for Part a) of Question 1. Test Your Understanding Questions 1. a) Distinguish between LANs and WANs. [373] b) What are rights of way? [374] c) What are carriers? [374] d) Why do you have more flexibility with LAN service than with WAN service? Why? [374] 2. a) Why are typical WAN speeds slower than typical LAN speeds? Give a clear and complete argument. [375] b) Why are future WAN prices difficult to…show more content…
[388] d) What types of amplifiers are needed for cable data service? [388] e) What device do customers need for cable modem service? [388] 12. a) What two technologies are needed for leased line switched WANs? [390] b) What are the cost elements in networks of leased lines? [390] 13. a) List the physical components of PSDN technology. {6, 23} [391] b) Do customers need leased lines if they use PSDNs? [391] c) What is a POP? [391] d) Why do you want a WAN with many POPs? (The answer is not in the text. It requires you to think about POPs.) [391] e) If a company has seven sites, how many leased lines will it need if it uses a PSDN? [391] f) Why are PSDNs fairly inexpensive? [391] g) Why is the PSDN transport core drawn as a cloud? [391] 14. a) What is the speed range of Frame Relay? {6, 24} [392] b) Why is this speed range attractive? [392] c) Why has ATM not been popular? [392] d) What is metro Ethernet? [392] e) For what reasons is it attractive? [392] f) What PSDN service is growing? [392] *15. a) Why are virtual circuits used? {6, 25} [393] b) With virtual circuits, on what does a switch base its forwarding decision when a frame arrives? [394] c) Do PSDN frames have destination addresses or virtual circuit numbers in their headers? [394] d) What is the name of the Frame Relay virtual circuit number? [394] e) How long, typically, is a DLCI? [394] f) How many virtual circuits does this
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