Wide Range Of Developing Academic Study Skills

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This essay will discuss a wide range of developing academic study skills, used in academic writing. It will also demonstrate the benefits of expanding one’s knowledge of these studies and how it can aid the user in terms of both academic and professional progression. In order to progress and achieve high expectations in Higher Education, developing a range of effective study skills and strategies, is an absolute necessity to fulfil any criteria! Of course revising is a beneficial accolade, both on subject matter and examination preparation. Most students, successful academic students, have developed their own study strategies for examinations and academic writing (Lengefield, 1994). However, revising alone, is just not enough. Developing study skills in note taking, critical thinking, structuring and writing essays, referencing and much more are crucial for success in Higher Education. One can develop most of these skills through practice, trial and error, and from feedback from tutors and your peers; usually most universities and colleges provide useful information on study skills as well as alternative methods of referencing. Excellence in quality note taking is a necessity in Higher Education. Developing note taking skills can take on a plethora of forms. It can evolve from one structured platform basis, to a tangent of individualism and creativity. Having the option of using traditional pen and paper or using other mediums to collect and summarize relevant data (using a
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