Wide Sargasso Sea By Charlotte Bronte

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In 1966, Jean Rhys published her novel ‘Wide Sargasso Sea’. The story depicts the life of Antoinette Cosway, her marriage to a mysterious Englishman, and her eventual descent into madness. The story is a prequel to ‘Jane Ayre’ by Charlotte Brontë, and gives the woman in the attic a voice. This essay looks at the use of narrative in ‘Wide Sargasso Sea’, and evaluates how this informs the interpreted meaning of the text. The style of the delivery of the plot is an important aspect of literature. The way in which an author uses narrative is what gives the story substance and life. The plot of any story is just a patterns of events that have a beginning, middle and end. However, the narrative is the medium through which the story is presented and can therefore affect a text and shape the meaning and structure of the plot. The most common form of narrative in literature is the use of a narrator, which is a character that relays the story through written rhetoric. Part One of ‘Wide Sargasso Sea’ is told by Antoinette Cosway, more commonly known as Bertha Mason from ‘Jane Eyre’. For the first time, we see things through her eyes, through the first-person narration employed by the author. This allows us a more intimate and personal experience of the character and allows us as readers to form our own opinions about the decline into madness that the female protagonist of the story eventually suffers. However, this style of narration has characteristics that can affect what we get
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