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2612 Widget Parkway Los Angeles, California 95757 OFFICE (213-546-2803) FAX (213-546-2805) Request for Proposal Training services for Workforce Employees Training on Microsoft Office Programs Inquiries and Proposals Should Be Directed To: Ben Johnson Professional Development Coordinator Widgets “R” Us BenJohnson@widgetsrus.org EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER/TRAINER WIDGETS “R” US 1-800-649-3778 EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER/TRAINER WIDGETS “R” US 1-800-649-3778 Introduction to the company Widgets “R Us is a high performing company that provides the production of a wide range of widgets to both the…show more content…
Employer and organizational reference requirements The organization or individuals responding to this RFP must provide information on qualifications to provide this training service. Evidence of substantial knowledge and experience in successfully developing and delivering training. Evidence of knowledge and experience providing services to the workforce development entities. Inquires Submit specific questions regarding this via email to Ben Johnson at BenJohnson@widgetsrus.org. In order to ensure equal dissemination of information pertaining to the RFP, all submitted inquires via email will be forwarded to all proposal offerors who identified themselves as interested bidders. Proposers must file a Intent-To-Bid email with Widgets “R” Us before submitting any questions in response to this RFP. Electronic or hardcopy proposals must be received by Widgets “R” Us no later than 4PM PDT Monday, June 6, 2011. Proposals that are received after the due date will not be considered. Electronic proposals
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