Wieel Wiesel Reflection

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In chapter one, page fifteen, I was intrigued by the quote, "I looked at my house in which I had spent years seeking my God, fasting to hasten the coming of the Messiah, imagining what my life would be like later. Yet I felt little sadness. My mind was empty."(Wiesel 15) This passage really caught my attention because, in the quote it shows how affected they really were. in this quote he's saying that, as hard as he tried to have faith in his god and pursue to the future of freedom, it gets harder and harder to have the faith when you have nothing left. I really thought this quote was interesting because it gives perspective on how affective this event was for the Jewish, they not only were leaving everything they had behind, but some of the faith and religion they carried with them.

Page ten, chapter 1, I chose the passage," The race to death had begun."(Wiesel 10) as an important style of writing. This quote is personifying how quickly death reached some of the Jews from Sighet. I think this use of personification, which is the style figure of speech, is a big factor to the text because, it enhances the amount of emotion it makes you feel while reading. In this passage, the use of personification is a major element because it is making us feel the emotion of fear that they all have.

While reading Chapter 1, I was challenged by the word penury, "He was poor and lived in utter penury."(Wiesel 1) In this sentence penury directly means poverty, after learning this
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