Wife Of Bath Canterbury Tales Analysis

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“The Wife of Bath” is part of The Canterbury Tales, written by Geoffrey Chaucer. It is evident that the concept of sovereignty and the culture of the fourteenth century played an important role in how Chaucer structured and wrote “The Wife of Bath”. Trying to understand sovereignty and the how the culture was during the time that Chaucer was writing this story is beneficial. Without the concept of sovereignty, Alisoun would not have been created. She embodies what it means to defy cultural normalities. She is a strong woman who seeks power and authority in a time in history where women did not get too many opportunities to be that way. Understanding and learning about sovereignty and the culture of the fourteenth century helped me to have a better understanding of “The Wife of Bath”.
Researching how the culture was during the time of The Canterbury Tales really helped me to understand why the story of “The Wife of Bath” stood out so much to people in the first place. I could not understand why so many people would want to write papers and books on this story and the characters in it. I took the characters seriously while reading the story. I saw the knight as a man comparable to Brock Turner; despicable and entitled. I could understand why the women and the queen in the courtroom were so upset; rape is a serious issue and offense in today’s society. Alisoun’s ambiguousness was also seemingly normal, seeing as how plenty of women I know are almost exactly the same (minus the

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