Wife of Bath Vs The Prioress

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Canterbury Tales is a story about a group of thirty people, including the Host, that are traveling to the shrine of the martyr St. Thomas a Becket in Canterbury. The diverse group is a concoction of contradicting personalities that are intricately described by Chaucer. Among these twenty-nine excursionists are two women. One of them is the coquettish Prioress while the other one is the partially deaf Wife at Bath. Although both women possess discernable similarities, both possess divergent personalities and experiences. The Prioress, known as Madam Eglantyne, has an elegant nose, a Lilliputian, soft, and red mouth, a big-forehead, and a glass gray mouth. She wears a cloak, a set of beads, and a broche that reads, “Love conquers …show more content…
They had no right to own land or voice their opinions. The Prioress and the Wife at Bath are both examples of what women in society were not. The Prioress had no right to own land, yet she still found a loophole to maintain her estates by having the monk manage them. The Wife at Bath is outspoken, a quality that women were not supposed to possess. She spoke her mind out knows how to defend herself well. However, there is a deviation in each the Prioress and Wife at Bath’s experiences. The Prioress represents a model of a “religious” person. She possesses good table manners and pretended to be rich. The Prioress also spoke a lower form of French. This indicates that she is educated. On the other hand, the Wife at Bath has had different life experiences that have molded her to become the women that she is in the story. The Wife at Bath has traveled to other pilgrimages throughout the Middle East. She has also had five different husbands, meaning she has had a heavy sexual experience, unlike the Prioress. The prologues of each character vary as well. Before the Prioress starts her story, she praises God and the Virgin Mary. Since her story is about the Virgin Mary, she glorifies the Virgin’s power, magnificence, and humility. She also implores God to help her narrate the story properly to tell of God’s reverence. On the other hand, the Wife at Bath justifies herself for the
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