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In Wi-Fi business shop I will recruit three staffs to assist me in the operations. Their duties will be as follows, one of the staff work would be for updating the website and making sure that it is very attractive so that it grabs the attention of my target audience. The staff second will be at data recovery and repair services, and third staff would be ushering the customers into the shop and administer services (Brannick, Levine, Morgeson, (2007)).
In this kind of business, there are benefits and challenges of attracting a diverse pool of potential candidates. To start with the benefits, a diverse pool of candidates will give me a wide opportunity for staff to pick from and also
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V. Reviewing applicants and developing short list: this is important because it will help in sorting out preferable candidates for the job positions. VI. Conduct and interview: this is the most important step in the hiring process. It provides the opportunity to learn more about the candidate and validate the information given. VII. Finally, it will be to hire the most qualified candidate.
Job title, descriptions, and specification. i. Digital marketer.
Duties and responsibilities * Updating and improving the business website. * Advertising and marketing the business through social media. * Managing online brand and product campaigns to raise brand awareness.
* At least a diploma in IT and digital marketing. * Flexible and hardworking. ii. Technician.
Duties and responsibilities. * Repairing damaged electronic gadgets. * Recovering lost data from laptops and cell phones. * Setting up the business Wi-Fi hotspot for the customers.
* Degree or diploma in electronic and electrical engineering. * Flexible and honest. iii. Customer care (usher).
Duties and responsibilities. * Assist customers in accessing the Wi-Fi. * Enticing customers to access services. * Attend to questions, comments and issues from customers.
* At least a diploma in public relation and customer care. * Humble and excellent communication
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