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ABSTRACT There are many trends in our IT industry. Here we are going to discuss about the emerging technology in IT (i.e.) Wi-Fi technology. Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) is a way to connect to the internet without any wires or cumbersome cables. Wi-Fi technology uses a radio technology called 802.11 b for the wireless connectivity. 802.11 buses 2.4GHz of band frequency spectrum with a bandwidth of 11Mbps(802.11a-5GHz,54Mbps & 802.l1g-2,4GHz,54Mbps).In this paper we have discussed in detail about what Wi-Fi is and How does it work, what the hotspots are and how does the Wi-Fi technology has been implemented in these hotspots. The Wi-Fi technology finds its great utility in the device called Infinity Tele Smart patient-worn…show more content…
Over the past several years, the Wi-Fi Alliance has qualified hundreds of products as interoperable. Standardization will bring legitimacy to this cutting-edge technology. Wi-Fi networks use radio technologies called IEEE 802.11 a, 802.11 b or 802.11 g to provide secure. Reliable, fast wireless connectivity. A Wi-Fi network can be used to connect computers to each other, to the Internet and to wire networks (which use IEEE 802.3 or Ethernet). Wi-Fi networks operate in the unlicensed 2.4 and 5 GHz radio bands, with an 11 Mbps (802.11 b) or 54 IV1bps (802.11 a) data rate. 2. IS WI-FI FOR MY BUISNESS? Large corporations and campuses use enterprise-level technology and Wi-Fi CERTIFIEDTM products to extend standard wired Ethernet networks to public areas like meeting rooms, training classrooms and large auditoriums. Small businesses are dynamic, the built-in flexibility of a Wi-Fi network makes it easy and affordable. Your Wi-Fi devices will have the best chance of working together if they are Wi-Fi CERTIFIEDTM. Look for the Wi-Fi CERTIFIEDTM logo with color-coded Standard Indicator Icons (SII) on product packaging

3. WHAT IS HOTSPOT? Many cafes, coffee shops, libraries, airports, and other public places offer Wi-Fi Access Points for general use by the public. These public Wi-Fi Access Points are often called Hotspots. It is coz of Wi-Fi’s ability to quickly and wirelessly connect your handheld or

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