Wifi in Corporate Environments

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Robby Miller Mr. Carroll NT1210 / Fri. Night Wi-Fi in the Corporate Environment Business is much different today than it has ever been. The strategies incorporated in the success of a business can be quite complicated and requires more than just a man or woman with a dream. Success in business is now reliant on the connectivity of their business to their local area, as well as, the global market place. Wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi) in the corporate environment is making this possible and beyond possible as it improves. In this paper we will see some pro’s and con’s of wireless connectivity in the corporate environment. Corporations are looking to go wireless for many different reasons. These range from having less wire to…show more content…
This is a red flag and a green flag at the same time. If AT&T is charging for data and making money, then the trend of provider’s charging for data could take-off and cause inflation of wireless connectivity. The upside could be that user’s jump ship and begin using other providers instead of one or two major providers. AT&T charging for data is scary too, since it could flag that they are reaching the limits of their bandwidth capabilities. It could be safe to say, AT&T has just figured out a way to make more money without introducing new and innovative technology. In conclusion, the use of wireless technology in the corporate environment is taking off. It seems from the research I have done that companies are excited about the progress being made in wireless connectivity. Wi-Fi is the future for businesses. As more and more companies have traveling employees and work-at-home employees the demand will grow for wireless connectivity. Productive mobility is where the corporate environment has come and will continue to go. Works Cited Omatseye, Sam. "802.11B Business Holds Promise For Vendors." RCR Wireless News 20.25 (2001): 2. MasterFILE Premier. Web. 7 May 2012. Blackford, John. "Businesses Warm Up To Wireless Networking." Hudson Valley Business Journal 14.13 (2003): 15. MasterFILE Premier. Web. 7 May 2012. Rash, Wayne. "Enterprise

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