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Promotion Nintendo knows that it has a unique and attractive product to a wide demographic at an affordable price. To generate the sales and profits that we have forecasted though will require all of the above features to be effectively communicated to our customers. This is where promotion enters the marketing mix. This mix will consist of a blend of personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and web site. Our promotional strategy will be based on the Wii Fit target audience and their goals.
Personal Selling Personal selling consists of communicating orally with potential customers with the ultimate intention of selling the product. This will involve the retailers who carry the Wii Fit, primarily Target,
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It is also necessary to stay ahead of our fitness gaming competition, as Sony and Microsoft both promote their respective websites. We want our URL to be easily seen on all of our products so that both our new and loyal Nintendo customers can easily spot the URL, which will promote awareness of the website. We also need to include our URL in all of our advertising. This includes trade journals, magazines, and newspapers.
The marketing budget for Wii Fit is set at $40 Million, the largest Nintendo budget in American history. By the company marketing aggressively, projected sales are 3 to 4 million units. “Wii Fit is sold as a hardware bundle with the new Balance Board controller, which allows users to measure their weight and which senses movement in order to control various mini-games and monitor physical activity, aerobics exercises, yoga and other actions. The title has already proven a significant success in Japan, where it has sold over 1.5 million units since its release in December 2007. Wii Fit is due for release in North America on May 19th and in Europe from April 25th.” (Jenkins, 2008)

(Jenkins D 200804 Wii Fit Marketing Budget Set

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