Wikileaks Case Study Essay

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Case Facts: • WikiLeaks is an international, online, self-proclaimed not-for-profit organisation that publishes submissions of undisclosed and secret information, news leaks, and highly classified media from anonymous sources and whistleblowers. • The head of the online organisation, which was founded in 2006, is Australian born, Julian Assange. • Its purpose is to provide whistleblowers with a domain to publish their case to the public and preserve their identity (Lennon 2010). • Exposes various government and privately owned organisations. • First major act of exposure was the publication of Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin's emails by WikiLeaks (DeFraia 2012). • Another act of exposure released on its website…show more content…
o Receive ongoing criticism and scrutiny from affected parties - short/long term o Continued support from whistleblowers – long term • General public o Will continue to be informed about unethical practices by certain companies and organisations – long term o Increased scepticism of large organisations and governments – long term • Whistleblowers o Continued support of WikiLeaks as a medium for publication of classified information – long term o Easy and anonymous alternative to traditional whistleblowing – short term • Targeted organisations o Loss of reputation because of the revelation of unethical practices – short/long term o Mistrust from the public in the organisation because of unethical practices – short/long term o Loss of productivity – short/long term • Employees of targeted organisations o Affected through downturn of productivity, which may result in them being made redundant/sacked – short/long term • WikiLeaks employees o Retain employment – long term Not to release classified information to the general public • Julian Assange o No information to release – long term o Cease in funding – long term o Termination of WikiLeaks as an organisation • General public o Won’t be made aware of unethical practices – long term • Whistleblowers o Lose the medium to anonymously expose organisations partaking in unethical acts – long term • Targeted organisations o Confidential information remains classified – long term o Maintain positive
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