Wikileaks May Have Saved Tunisia from Political Disaster

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Wikileaks main goal has been finding the truth of topics wanted to be hidden to the public, and in this case their power was used to protect Tunisia. The procedure used to spread the truth may not be the most appropriate. It is the truth, and it will always be better to hear the crude reality than some beautiful lie. “The ends justify the means” –Niccolo Machiavelli. In some societies such as Tunisia, wikileaks has been so helpful that their fight has gone from virtual to physical. This is Wikileaks utopia, where a population gets together and embraces the fight against their government in order to defend their rights as a country. In Tunisia people did go out to protest and stand for their freedom of speech right, and all this began in the web. Tunisians had enough in their plate already, this was just the drop that spilled the glass. In the past weeks prior freedom of speech strikes, Tunisia was in a very bad shape. First of all food prices were going up at the same time as the unemployment rate. Past two characteristics are red flags for any government. On top of all this, corruption scandals were making the people even angrier. Officially, Tunisia’s case is the first time that wikileaks makes a population take actions in their own hands. These protests are also about the country's utter lack of freedom of expression including when it comes to WikiLeaks. The only way that a society would achieve the status of real democracy is having freedom of

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