Essay on Wikipedia and Its Credibility

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Wikipedia and its Credibility

Wikipedia and its Credibility
The Wikipedia is a free, online encyclopedia that lets every individual with Internet connection write and edits its articles. Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger launched their creation in 2001 giving an opportunity to all willing people to work together to develop a common resource of knowledge. Many people have different believes and ideas about Wikipedia, therefore, some tend to think of it as a credible and valid source of information, others strongly disagree. “Since all the books and articles have been chosen for publication, each one has presumably undergone some form of selection and review” (Spatt, 2011, “p.”339-340). Unfortunately, this statement is simply not enough to
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Going straight to the source is the best way to check if the information in the article is reliable and credible.
A New Tool to Check the Quality of Articles German professor Stock created a new tool that allows checking the quality of articles posted on Wikipedia and stated,
Wiki-Watch serves as a research tool indicating lack of sources and evaluating the reliability of every entry made, using WikiTrust’s color code system to display reputation of a text according to the reputation and number of revisions by users. Wiki-Watch analyzes every Wikipedia entry ever created in a few seconds, checks the number of sources used in the article and the quality of editing (para. 2). Wiki-Watch uses a color codes system to check the reputation of the article by figuring out how many times people revised the article. White color means reliable information; therefore, yellow color has an opposite meaning. This system also checks for the credibility of the article and emphasizes individual words used in the article.
Many Editors to Correct the Errors Wikipedia counts 75,000 editors who check the articles and their content to make sure that the information is valid and reliable. According to Schaffer (2009), the journal Nature conducted a study in 2005 and proved that Wikipedia is just as valid as any other encyclopedia, including Britannica, keeping in mind that errors and vandalism can occur to any of them (para. 2).
Even though Wikipedia will never be
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