Wild Man Poem Analysis

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Wild man is a three-dimensional sculpture created by Ron Mueck in 2005. Created from mixed media, Wild Man stands at 2850 x 1619 x 1080 mm tall and weighs 1311 kilograms. He is currently held in the Tate – National Galleries of Scotland collections.

Subject Matter and Interpretation
The subject matter of this piece is the man. This is a 3D additive sculpture of a naked man sitting on a wooden stool. His messy and long hair along with his overgrown beard help to illustrate a primitive nature and depict his title of Wild Man. His shoulders are clenched up around his neck as his straight arms push upwards and are strongly locked while his hands grip the side of the stool tightly. His frame is thin with the exposure of ribs,
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If he was made from clay, he would be a lot heavier. He is also covered in a silicone like substance that can be moulded and formed to create the texture and likeness of skin. Synthetic hair is then used and placed one by one into the man to create the appearance of natural hair. Acrylic paint or similar has been used to create the different skin pigments around the body, the slightly red tip of his nose, the different colored skin tones where the skin has been exposed to the elements and where it would be hidden by clothing, such as the arms compared to the chest. These mixed mediums that have been used to create Wild Man are perfect as they have allowed Mueck to create the textures and contours that are needed to create the astonishingly realistic looking man.

Visual Analysis
The elements that stand out the most in this piece are line, shape, color, texture, space and most importantly form. As this is a 3D piece, form allows the work to take up space in our world. Allowing the viewer to look at the piece from every angle and really engage with the work in their own way.

The work does take up a great deal of space vertically and on floor, demanding full attention from its audience as it towers over them in the art space. I have had the pleasure of viewing this work in person, it is often curated to be the only piece in the room and it deserves the full attention.

Texture is another important
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