Wild Orangutans Research Paper

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Wild Orangutans are commonly found in Asia within the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra. Borneo and Sumatra are two large tropical islands that are filled with trees that provide a home to these creatures as well as thousands of other species. Borneo is the third largest island in the world whereas Sumatra is only the sixth. Despite this, these two islands home more than 100,000 Orangutangs. In addition, these islands hold over 15,000 different kinds of plants and trees. The Orangutangs make these islands their home due to the presence of Palm Oil Trees. Orangutans mostly like to build their homes and nest in Palm Oil trees because they prefer to live up off of the ground so they are away from predators such as tigers. Additionally, the leaves are wide and provide them with somewhere to sit and sleep, they also provide food and maybe even something to play with. However, Orangutans are not the only ones who find this species of trees useful. Deforestation is not only wiping out trees but is also wiping out the Orangutan population for human resources.…show more content…
These creatures are one of the largest tree living mammals in the world. They depend souly on rainforests as their habitats. But human intervention has resulted in Orangutans becoming labelled endangered. The research conducted identifies where the Orangutans are located, what deforestation is, why their habitat is being removed, how are the orangutans being effected and what endangered means for them. With all the Palm Oil trees being removed as well as Orangutan habitats it is considered to be a concern that the whole Orangutan population could potentially become non existent. And this would be a tragedy for future generations who will miss seeing these old men of the
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