Wild Swans by Jun Chang

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Jung Chang is a Chinese-born British writer that is known for her award-winning book, Wild Swans. After having several jobs at a young age, Jung Chang became an English-language student, and an assistant lecturer at Sichuan University. In 1978, Chang left China for Britain, where the University of York awarded her a scholarship. At the university, she acquired a Ph.D. in linguistics in 1982. Interestingly, Chang was the first person from the People’s Republic of China to obtain a doctorate from a British university. Jung Chang’s husband, Jon Halliday, is the collaborating author of the biography. He is an Irish historian that focuses on the history of modern Asia. Halliday was a former Senior Visiting Research Fellow at King’s College,…show more content…
These secret assassinations led Mao Zedong to be a step closer of taking over China. Nevertheless, Chairman Mao was never convicted for the deaths since he was the leader of People’s Republic of China. Additionally, the authors wanted to depict the way that Mao Zedong was using his power for own personal gain. As it was written in the text, “Mao was the only millionaire created in Mao’s China.” (333) Based on the statement, Chairman Mao presumably seized all the finest items away from the people, while they suffered from the dearth of food. Also, Chang and Halliday highlighted that the chairman immensely wanted power by contacting Soviet Union’s leader, Joseph Stalin. Gaining ‘support’ and approval from Soviet Union would help establishing Chairman Mao’s rank among the Chinese regime. Although, Mao was not the only individual that Joseph Stalin worked with. Based on the information, Mao Zedong noticed a huge opportunity that could boost up his position that the authors emphasized. Mao: The Unknown Story was a remarkable and dramatizing biography of Mao Zedong. Jung Chang and Jon Halliday depicted China’s chairman as pitiless leader that was behind the majority of the slaughters under his rule. The effects that Mao left on China were astonishing to learn about. Mao’s philosophy was the strangest thought that did not function properly as it should have. Cravings for absolute power made Chairman Mao to become a vicious tyrant. Mao Zedong’s impact on China was an

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